Master Class at Festival of Wonder 2013 with puppeteer Frank Soehnle (Germany) and actor Patrick Michaëlis (France)

Master Class at Festival of Wonder 2013

Relation- connection- fusion

The spaces between actor and puppet

A masterclass with puppeteer Frank Soehnle (Germany) and actor Patrick Michaëlis (France)

Objects/materials/puppets can change their roles and meanings on stage. This transformation can be an inspiration for actors to look at their roles in a more abstract way. For a long time, puppets were used as small actors and the idea of a puppet was the double of a real actor. When the puppeteer began to enter the stage as a visible partner and as the process of animation has become part of the performance, actors and directors have learned from the flexibility of animated roles.

The different relations between puppets, objects, materials and real performers will be explored, using different kinds of texts and music. Are actors and puppets performing/existing in the same space?

How can all languages in puppetry (body language, spoken language, material language and sound/ music) communicate with real performers and how can they create a new language together.

The language of the Master Class will be English.

///Frank Soehnle

studied puppetry in Stuttgart (Master of puppet theatre), is working as puppeteer, director and puppet crea- tor. He has his own company „figuren theater tübingen“ which has produced visual theatre for adult audien- ces since 1991. The centre of his work is always the puppet but the collaboration with other artists from all spheres of art is an essential concept of his theatre language.

///Patrick Michaëlis

is a french actor who has worked with many different directors of contemporary theatre. After several years with the freelance company „Bagage de Sable“, he became artistic director in 2003 of „Théâtre Le Passage in Fécamp, Centre de Création Artistique in collaboration with Claude-Alice Peyrottes. In 2009 he collaborated with Frank Soehnle in the Márquez based show „With huge wings“ and in 2011 they created together the Gia- cometti inspired „Hôtel de Rive“.

The master Class takes place Thursday November 7th – Friday November 8th 2013, both days 10AM – 5 PM Price 1200 DKK = 160 Euro. Application: Send a mailt to Max 12 participants

Festival of Wonder, Silkeborg Puppetfestival, Denmark, takes place November 7.-10. 2013. Shows for adults, children, exhibitions, films, workshops and Master Class See or Visit us at Facebook


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